Aboriginal ‘Walkabout’ Oracle Cards – coming in 2019!

Aboriginal 'Walkabout'

At  a time when we seem to be losing our way it feels prudent and necessary to look to those who have managed to live as one with our amazing planet for millennia. So we are thrilled to be announcing the launch of our first ‘earth-centred’  wisdoms in 2019 – the stunning ‘Aboriginal ‘Walkabout’ Oracle Cards.

This unique collection of ancient wisdom for the modern age, pools the experiences and power of the land, the people, their tools and mythology into a single, stunning resource of inspiration, creation and comfort in these all too fast, all too testing times we have created for ourselves.

Like all our oracle card sets they will be beautiful to look at and both informative and moving when you read them. They will be gilded, accompanied by a fabulous guidebook and boxed to the high standards our current customers have grown accustomed too.

Watch this space for more information and see below for a select preview of the cards…

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