‘I AM I’ Angelic Messages Oracle Cards – available now!

There are many paths to choose in life, and often you can be at a loss as to which direction to take. Having a helping hand from time-to-time can really assist you to tread your chosen path with confidence and live your life, with all its joys and pitfalls, to the full. Re-engage now the power of ‘Universal Oneness’. Each card will speak messages of wisdom, guidance and explanations that connect you to the source of all creation, for your highest good, to bring about a more powerful sense of positivity, change and growth in your life.

This ‘I AM I’ Angelic Messages Oracle Set contains:

  • 44 silver gilded cards full of ‘Universal Oneness’ wisdom and love
  • Key focus words and a message from ‘I AM I’
  • A detailed guidebook on how to use the information and sample spreads
  • An in-depth reading, angel revelation, crystal connection and uplifting mantra for every card

By Stephanie J. King with artist Alan Clough: Cards 44, Book Extent: 110, ISBN: 978-0-9955516-2-6, Solarus Publishing.

(This is the first oracle cards deck from popular channel and wellbeing consultant, Stephanie J. King who has already had success with her best-selling divination books ‘Life is Calling’ & ‘And so it Begins…’.)

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved