Annette Lynn Greenwood

Annette Lynn Greenwood

Life is often tougher than we anticipate. Annette offers to work with individuals to create the plans necessary to cultivate a better life. Despite life’s many challenges, there is always the opportunity for change. Her string of accomplishments and qualifications means she works with some of the most vulnerable people in society, teaching them to rebuild their lives, learning new skills and new ways of thinking about themselves and the life they choose to lead. Annette also specializes in women’s issues and those facing emotional distress as a result of financial struggles. Call 0 07743 986840 to find out more.


Our work together resulted in the award-winning novel, ‘Imprisoned Heart’ and the creation of the website that got the ball rolling for her brilliant services to be accessed by all.

Her prosperity path lead her out of a place clouded by anger and frustration, without financial security, work prospects or self-identity to a position of great job satisfaction, in the knowledge that her help means others have the will to carry on and lead better lives.

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