Decoding the Goddess – in conversation with Susie Anthony

K.I.S.S it better!

Susie Anthony’s life as a cocaine-binging, jet-setting businesswoman was turned around by an incredible series of ‘near-death experiences’ that took her beyond the five senses deep into the realm of the soul. Through her two organisations, The Super HERO code and The Renaissance Community, she now dedicates her life to marrying ancient wisdom with contemporary psychological success principles, providing initiations to overcome inner conflicts, cast out fears and find the miracle of true love and genuine happiness. Nearly two decades since they first met, Susie invited Kate Osborne to speak about her new book ‘The Goddess Resolution’ and its relevance to the world today in particular the disharmony so many feel and the massive changes reconnecting to Goddess energy can deliver. Just click on the image opposite and enjoy!.

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