Ed McGaa, Eagle Man

Ed McGaa, Eagle Man

Outspoken, knowledgeable, experienced and determined are just some of the words that encapsulate the decades of work and dozens of books that made the late, great, Ed McGaa ‘Eagle Man’ arguably the most successful author of Native American spirituality, which crosses continents to impress and assist all four tribes that walk this Earth. If you are looking to increase your wisdom of the ancestral ways as well as embracing a more harmonious journey upon this living entity that we call home, then you will hard pushed to beat what Ed has written and shared with thousands in his collection of best-sellers.

Our last collaboration was the thought-provoking book ‘Calling to the White Tribe…’. Click here see why it caused such a stir.

Ed’s prosperity path lead him through racism, a war and decades of bearing witness to precious Mother Earth’s struggle. His parting gift to us is found in his works to address the institutional failings of the way in which ‘Modern Man’ has chosen to live.


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