Ejay SoulGuide

Ejay SoulGuide

Popular podcaster, Ejay’s mission is to invite extraordinary people to talk ordinarily about their spiritual understandings and teachings through conversation. He accesses all things spiritual, engaging with lightworkers, Earth Angels and agents of change, sharing their experiences and struggles. If you are interested in or do spiritual work and want to explore this further, contact him at info@hspractice.co.uk. On a more personal path, as a psychic oracle card reader, he seeks to help individuals discover and manage themselves as emotional beings. His first divination deck, Animal Guidance & Aspects, invites you to explore your inner light and shadow aspects purposefully.

Our first collaboration is the vibrant, dual aspect oracle deck ‘Animal Guidance & Aspects’, click here for more information or to get your own copy.

His path of prosperity took him from great parental expectations, through the maze of the MBS world, coming to understand his own spiritual abilities and challenges to now advise and assist people through readings and practical help and guidance to people of all walks of life.


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