Fiona Murray – Elemental Beings

Fiona Murray - Elemental Beings

Our most recent collaboration was the critically acclaimed and beautifully illustrated ‘Messages From Nature’s Guardians’, click here for more about this book and to purchase your copy..

Fiona’s prosperity path lead her from a sterile political environment, through serious illness to emerge as a celebrated healer, author, elemental expert and environmental campaigner..

For all things ‘elemental’ Fiona Murray, known also as Alphedia, has been leading the way. She is the founder of Elemental Beings, a Mind, Body and Spirit Author/Writer, a Spiritual Channel for the Angelic, Unicorn, Elemental and Crystal Realms as well as an animal communicator. Fiona and her family are based in Scotland where she writes books, magazine articles and teaches spiritual development, meditation and animal communication. With her new baby she has been developing her baby telepathy skills. She also gives personal Soul Channellings which are ten minute direct channelled messages from a being of light – Angel, Elemental, Goddess, Ascended Master, Star being or personal guides.

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