Gaetano Vivo

Gaetano Vivo

This Italian born Reiki Master is one of Europe’s most experienced and sought after healing practitioners, with facilities in London, and Italy. From a young age he has experienced the ‘calling’ to pass on ancient teachings and wisdoms to make lighter work of our time here on Earth. For decades, Gaetano has been treating clients from all walks of life, regardless of faith or creed, believing that the power of love to heal is not exclisive. He is a member of the Complementary Medical Association of Great Britain, the International Council of Holistic Therapies, the International Association of reiki Professionals and the Neotic Association of America. He work is also reflected in a number of books and novels with his latest release ‘Man Made’ out now.

Our most recent collaboration is the soon to be published, self-help book ‘Man Made’ which he co-wrote with Australian author Mathew Tyler (click here to find out more). This book breaks new ground as it will be first published in Arabic, heralding a fundamental change by challenging the ‘old ways’ of male dominance in one of the most patriarchal parts of our World.

His prosperity path was one of overcoming, high parental expectations within a strict Catholic upbringing that went against much of what he felt and experienced as a child and young adult.

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