Great Expectations

Great Expectations (More to Life magazine 2013)

Ancient prophecies, planetary alignments, biblical revelations, shifting poles, solar flares and the opening of portals to other dimensions appear to have come and gone completely undetected. This will leave some ‘spiritual teachers’ at a loss for what to now peddle or preach. And there will be many ‘devotees’ baffled and disappointed that they remain here having to exist in a world little changed since 21.12.12. But really, what did we expect?

To paraphrase an old proverb, ‘Before enlightenment, cook, clean, wash… after enlightenment, cook, clean, wash’, so if one truly wants to experience a ‘Golden Age’; a world of greater equality, well-being and harmony it is more about perception, attitude and projection than fulfilling prophetic writings or surviving cosmic collisions. Rather than relying on natural forces to dictate the pace of our spiritual evolution we should be looking to incorporate all the experiences of our existence to work with Mother Nature and co-create our own age of prosperity.

What does this mean? Well, now more than ever we have access to all manner of life enhancing information; historical events, scientific explorations and discoveries, theological discussions, medical remedies (allopathic and complementary), engineering wonders, abundance of natural power sources and, above all, the means to share this throughout the globe. We can express ourselves through common, creative mediums such as art, dance, music and literature. We, as a collective of beings, have never knowingly had so much potential to harness our personal energy, to implement all we know and make constructive changes to human existence.

The question as always is, ‘What do we really want?’ What type of life do we want to lead? The dog-eat-dog world that has been the norm for so long; the world of the ‘hard sell’ driven by scarcity and inadequacy is not a result of plagues, earthquakes of the jealous rage of a ‘fallen Angel’. It is this way because we have made it so. The planet will continue to spin, expand and contract, busy manifesting its own energy as a response to cosmic forces far beyond our comprehension or control. What we can do is use our knowledge of our planet to make the most of all it offers in a way that sustains rather than depletes. We tap into our vast reservoirs of creative expression and add to the beauty and wonder of the home we have been given.

Perhaps a more accurate interpretation of the 21.12.12 phenomena is that tangible, authentic and lasting change comes from within. We make it happen – it doesn’t just happen to us. The danger of ‘clock watching’, relying on ‘special dates’ to indicate when we should act is that in the meantime we stagnate and run the risk of missing the real opportunities that come and then go. One of the biggest opportunities in our age of social networking and increased population is to celebrate our diversity and respect our differing viewpoints. We need to allow people to move freely about the world, but with this freedom those on the move must respect and abide by the common values of the places they choose to call ‘home’. I would hate for us all to be identical in our beliefs, ideas, tastes, visions, way of living…not only would it make for a blander world, but potentially a very dangerous one.

In addition the natural world is such that differences flourish. The beliefs that exist have largely been shaped by our environment; therefore some beliefs appear to ‘sit better’ in the laps of foreign shores. And this is how I feel we must also view the predictions and prophecies of our long-ago ancestors, we must look upon them not only in the context of their time but in the context of ‘place’. We are constantly evolving, on the whole our children appear capable of so much more now, our athletes and sportspeople are faster, stronger and younger. We have a greater knowledge of the mechanics of the forces that act upon us, though we can only really consider this to be greater understanding when adding it too what we have learnt in the past rather than replacing those experience and skills.

That for me is what a ‘Golden Age’ or ‘New Dawn’ should really herald, the incorporation of all we have learned thus far, in our short time on this Earth, and utilising what is appropriate at the right time and the right place, rather than relying on or enforcing a single method, technology or ideology to satisfy all our needs and answer all our questions. And especially when things don’t go to plan, when the cosmic alignment hasn’t enlightened the world, be comfortable in accepting that sometimes we really don’t know and that things happen for which, right now, we don’t have the complete answer. Sometimes things just are, and that’s fine. Whether there is a ‘God’ or not, or some cosmic plan may always be a topic of debate… but in the meantime there is no question over your existence and those with whom you share a loving bond, and that is where we should all focus our energies… Perhaps that is the great alignment, and only you can bring it about in your own time.

(c) Kate Osborne, Solarus Ltd

First published in ‘More to Life’ magazine 2013.

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All Rights Reserved