J. M. Harrison

J. M. Harrison

If you have come to the realisation that that meaning of life comes from within, then Jonathan’s words and music provide you with the perfect accompaniment to delve deeper. Jonathan has not lead a sheltered or pious life by any means, in fact it is because he has experienced, the ‘machine’ of both the music industry and the commercial aspect of the Mind, Body and Spirit community, coupled with the challenges of being a family man, that his well-considered words speak so simply and clearly to so many. His books, both self-help and fictional, invite you to consider the role of your physical body as a portal to release your energetic being into the world and how very different it could then be.

Our first collaboration is the prize winning visionary fiction thriller, ‘The Soul Whisperer’ (Roundfire), click here for a taster and discover why readers rave about it…

His path of prosperity took him from the cut-throat commercial music industry, through the maze of the MBS world, coming to understand his own health and well-being challenges in order to share all he has gleened about life and humanity with others.


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