Jacqui Fallon-Holloway & Daniel Fallon

Wayne Kealohi Powell & Patricia Lynn Miller - Shamanic Bodywork

Most addictions are born out of a deep longing in your heart, huge gaps where you once felt lost, abandoned, hurt, confused, angry, or betrayed. Maybe you were taught it wasn’t okay to connect to your feelings. Perhaps you were mocked and belittled, told your opinions were not valid. Most addicts raised in and around trauma, turmoil, and pain will search for comfort and reassurance from outside sources to compensate and mask the hurt felt within. Jacqui and Daniel are living proof that addiction and the subsequent consequences/fallout of this dis-ease can be healed. Combining Daniel’s lived experiences and Jacqui’s healing practices which include Kendareiki, crystal therapy and aromatherapy, many have found a way through their darkest days.

Our first collaboration, Addiction Recovery Affirmation Cards, is out now.

Their paths to prosperity have taken them through many challenges triggered by addiction that test relationships, self-worth and wellbeing on a grand scale. 


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