Jayne Lea – More to Life Magazine

Jayne Lea - More to Life Magazine

This independent, diverse, authentic and intelligent read is also available in a stunning online version, offering brilliant interviews, short films and more… Founder and editor Jayne Lea understands the world of commercial business and sales only too well. Despite great financial sucesses, she felt there must be ‘more to life’. With the traumatic passing of her mother, Jayne and her sister pooled their vast resources of knowledge and contacts to independtly produce and distribute a publication that speaks to anyone who seeks insights into our day-to-day dilemas as well as the ‘big questions’ surrounding the who, why and what of our existence. Click here to subscribe, or to find out more follow the link below.

We have been working together for many years, our most recent collaborations appear in the 2015 editions of ‘More To Life.

Jayne’s prosperity path lead her took her from a heartless, stress-filled corporate environment to a place of great personal responsibility, joy and discovery.


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All Rights Reserved