Journey of a Lesser Goddess – in conversation with Dawn Hunt

K.I.S.S it better!

Dawn Aurora Hunt, owner and CEO of Cucina Aurora Kitchen Witchery, has been teaching and writing on the topics of Kitchen Witchery and Spiritual Nutrition since 2010, when she started her own company making gourmet foods with a dash of magic and a heaping of positivity as her main ingredients. Incorporating magic and energy work into food, Dawn has grown her brand to reach people from all faiths and spiritual backgrounds. The author of Tastes from the Temple, Dawn speaks at events all along the East Coast in the US, appears regularly on local TV, and teaches people that good, healthy, and even gluten-free food can be easy to make and wonderful to eat. Fascinated by Kate Osborne’s bio and taken by her book Dawn invited Kate Osborne to speak about the journey that lead her to write ‘The Goddess Resolution’ and its relevance to the world today. Just click on the image opposite and enjoy!.

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