Kate Osborne – The Goddess Resolution

Kate Osborne
Kate Osborne is a writer, editor, publisher and digital artist who founded Solarus Ltd, the UK’s leading independent producer of oracle card sets. In her first self-help offering, Kate shares affirmations, meditations, ceremonies, mirror and labyrinth work, and more designed to help you engage with the goddesses’ mythology. Free yourself from emotional bondage with the story of Hine, seek redemption with Skadi’s tale, and nurture your creations with Gaia. You’ll also use rituals, mantras, and exercises to heal and express yourself. Whenever life throws a curveball, these goddesses’ stories will uplift and strengthen you.

Her most recent solo offering is the hands-on self-help book for women…The Goddess Resolution

Kate’s prosperity path lead her across continents, through a variety of jobs, heavy dose of emotional challenges, testing even her own will to survive to finding a place as a mother, wife and lover of life with a calling to help others share their journeys for the benefit of others.

Llewellyn – The Goddess Resolution

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All Rights Reserved