Liz Sheehan

Liz Sheehan

Whether you believe there is more to this world than what we see every day, or you just sense something that remains unseen, then you too will have something in common with the teen characters of ‘Beneath the Visible’ the debut novel from crystal healing practitioner, Reiki master, yoga and mindfulness teacher, Liz Sheehan. Liz is hugely interested in all things spiritual and esoteric and this has led her on a personal development journey since 2014 into all things mystical. Liz has a science degree and loves combining her passion for understanding the reality of the world around her with her quest for knowledge into the other dimensions of reality.

Our first collaboration is the teen fiction adventure thriller, ‘Beneath the Visible’ (Orla Kelly Publishing), click here for a taster and discover an adventure of a lifetime!

Liz’s path of prosperity took her through her own turbulent journey of self-discovery from a keen student soaking up a diverse range of learning modalities, through mother and wife-hood, to being a single parent, teacher, author and entrepreneur. 

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