Lucy O’Hagan

Lucy O'Hagan

Lucy’s travels have also encompassed many of the sacred and ancient sites throughout the world as well as expanding her knowledge and practical application of many Eastern philosophical teachings and healing practices. Marrying these experiences with her background and qualifications in Western allopathic medical fields has allowed her to now fuel her passion to share the resulting wisdoms with others. Sensing the dissatisfaction in individuals and society as a whole, she is keen to present her findings as another way of experiencing life that invites us to positively thrive rather than struggle to survive; emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Our most recent collaboration is the critically acclaimed book ‘Beyond The Here And Now‘(O Books).

Her prosperity path has been a long and winding one. From a very young age the thirst for knowledge and desire for truth have driven her and know when she finds such wisdoms her generosity of spirit urges her to share

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