Make The Most Of Your ‘God Particle’ 

Make The Most Of Your 'God Particle' (More To Life magazine 2014)
What really makes us ‘tick’? What drives us to say and do what we express as individuals and collectively as a community or entire nation? Is it money, love, fear, control or injustice? Is it a desire for an ‘easy life’, keeping up with the Jones’ or the pursuit or fame or happiness? Perhaps, but there is a theory, that the real beating heart of humanity is sustained by an ancient, sacred and transformative process. It is a process that, without fail, adds colour to our view of life, determines the nature of every outcome (for better or worse) and holds the answers to our destiny. Is mastering the three simple steps of this process what we have all come here to experience – could it be your very own ‘God Particle’?

Three is a wonderful number, from the atomic particle structure to religious texts and folklore. Significant things always seem to come in threes. This process is no different. Stripped back to the bare bones, it is defined by three words; revelation, resonance and revolution. The first part of the process is always triggered by a revelation – when something is revealed to you, and you receive this or experience it first-hand. The next is when you incorporate the revelation (knowledge or experience) into your being, and it becomes part of you ‘knowing’ its truth resonates with you at a fundamental level. But simply knowing something is often not enough to affect real change, so the final step into a state of revolution must be taken; when you do something with the knowledge or implement what you have learned from your experience. This is the time when real wisdom works its magic.

In the Kubrick classic 2001: A Space Odyssey, the process is first demonstrated in the famous scenes where the apes encounter the ‘monolith’. The alpha male soon discovers how to use a bone for hunting, and because of the fear it instils in others, he uses it as a weapon to dominate. Not an ideal outcome, but then I did say it was a process for better or worse. Great orators of our time have used their gifts to communicate their messages, dreams and desires, like Martin Luther King Jr, John F. Kennedy and Adolf Hitler. All three men had been told they could capture people’s attention, imagination and will with their gift for the spoken word; all three men believed this, and all three men went on to use this talent and shape history.

But you needn’t have grandiose ideas or be a world leader, to embrace the process and shape your life experience today and for the future. You just need to be open to it and follow the steps through. Plenty of people have ‘revelations’ all the time, every day. We may be offered advice or teachings in a new skill or share a new song, but we decline to partake – the process is stopped before it is even begun, and we have gained nothing. Sometimes we simply don’t have the ‘time’ or the inclination to engage in the process. And that’s fine too. Perhaps we have visions or dreams that spark curiosity, but we lack the confidence or conviction to understand them and allow their meaning to become part of our psyche; maybe we fear what others might think or say about our ‘whacky’ ideas. So again, a little opportunity slips us by.

Nonetheless, since our inception, we have been using this process to cater to our basic instincts – our physical and emotional survival – like feeding, clothing and cleaning ourselves. Unbeknownst to most, we have applied the process to form relationships, learn and do our jobs, and even educate our children. But now, more and more of us can use this tool to uncover greater mysteries in life, secure a happier present and make way for a different future. This process, at its optimum, can lead us to the great well of our ‘personal power’ from which we can finally quench our thirst. If we really want to bring about change for the better, we now need to make ourselves available to the teachings in all of the opportunities that present themselves to us. We need to apply discernment, discretion and determination to elevate the process upgrading it from a ‘basic need facilitator’ to’ the manifestor of our true greatness’. Perhaps this is exactly what happened to Kubrick, all those years ago, when the Arthur C. Clarke book ‘The Sentinel’ was revealed to him and Kubrick knew in his heart he could realise a most ground-breaking film and then he made the film and it was heralded as one of the greatest ever. Be aware, use your gift, embrace the process and your life will be richer for it.

(c) Kate Osborne, Solarus Ltd (first published in More To Life magazine 2014)

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All Rights Reserved