Morgan Fitzsimons

Morgan Fitzsimons

A graduate of what is now the Liverpool John Moores University, Morgan has painted ever since she could hold a brush and works in a variety of media. Born in the North of England in 1939, her many talents has seen her as a Head of Special Needs, a wildlife artist, a costume designer, portrait painter, fantasy author and illustrator. But her first love is fantasy art, myth and legend and the beauty of nature. She is always seeking to explore imagination outside the box to connect with the spiritual soul of the subject.

Our first collaboration, ‘Aboriginal Walkabout Oracle Cards’, is due out 2019, but you can have a preview here.

Her path to prosperity has taken her through decades of creative opportunities and challenges, resulting in her fantasy and mythological art being much admired, and in great demand, today. Her desire now is to offer people ‘choice’ through her work in what  to beleive our collective paths are teaching us today. What our ancestors did and the stories they told and how it can help us now, in particular our connection to and relationship with the Natural World is very close to her heart and beautifully expressed through her art.

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