Mystic Wanderer Oracle Cards

Are you ready to navigate a journey of enlightenment with the Mystic Wanderer? This deck promises to offer guidance along your spiritual path and navigation through your emotional labyrinth. The words of the Wanderer provide resolutions, without dictating what you should do. They tap into the sacredness that surrounds your unbridled self. Hold the energy of this deck close, let it move in swirls through your bones, simmer in your blood, speak through your voice. These stunning, contemporary cards support you on your travels, whichever path you take. Now it is time for you fully to explore this life; to manage your emotions, your actions and rediscover your map to inner peace.

This Mystic Wanderer Oracle Set contains:

  • 48 copper gilded oracle cards illustrating the wisdom of the wanderer along with key focus words.
  • A detailed guidebook on how to use the information with sample spreads, easy to remember and repeat invocations, profoundly uplifting readings, origins of each card’s energy and more…

By Austeen Freeman with designer Kate Osborne, Cards: 48, Book Extent: 110, ISBN: 978-0-9955516-7-1, Solarus Publishing.

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