Priestess Codes Oracle Cards – out now!

All the Priestesses welcome you! In mythology, their stories have been widely told and often fit a very defined narrative. Still, here, in this deck, their story is just the tip of the iceberg of their power and influence that you harness to aid not just your emotional wellbeing but to help you in very practical ways too. The Priestess Codes Oracle Cards is a beautiful tool that uses the specially selected 48 deities, like Saint Martha, White Buffalo Maiden and Lilith, to work with you to release old belief systems and patriarchal imprints that will then allow you to access your truth. By connecting with and healing your head, heart and womb, using The Priestess Codes™, the incredible ‘light language’ transmitted through the energy of the mystery schools of the Devine Feminine, trauma is transmuted and dissolved.

This Oracle Set contains:

  • 48 gold gilded oracle cards encapsulating the energy of the Priestess/Goddess to connect with in times of challenge, change and growth in our lives.
  • A detailed guidebook on how to use the information with sample spreads, easy to remember and repeat invocations, a detailed reading, a powerful download and more…

By Tina Pavlou, with contributions and design by Kate Osborne, Cards: 48, Book Extent: 110, ISBN: 978-1-8381788-4-0, Solarus Publishing.

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved