Qabalah Magic Oracle Cards

Welcome to Qabalah Magic, experienced through the lens of your own life. Be you an astrologer, a tarot reader, a student of esoteric systems or just thought these cards looked interesting, there is something here for you. These cards are designed to be used as oracles for your day, week, month or year ahead and as a teaching tool to help understand Qabalah through the order and structure of The Tree of Life as well as providing images to assist you in meditations and help build stronger connections with your guides, angelics and your soul.

This Qabalah Magic Oracle Set contains:

  • 49 black gilded oracle cards revealing Qabalistic wisdom and magic with key focus words.
  • A detailed guidebook on how to use the information with sample spreads, easy to remember and repeat activations, a detailed reading, factual information about each Path, Sephira, King, Queen, Archangel and moreā€¦

By David Wells with artists G.C Diana & A Fusea, Cards: 49, Book Extent: 110, ISBN: 978-0-9955516-9-5, Solarus Publishing.

(This deck is unique and Solarus was delighted when popular astrologer, past life expect and TV presenter David Wells, asked to do this venture together, unsurprisingly it has become an instant hit!)

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved