Ruth Briddon

Ruth Briddon

Employing her expertise in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Post Natal Support and Counselling, Ruth is there for new parents in those critical months and early years after a child is born… Now her own story has become the popular debut novel ‘Being Sarah Chilton…’. This funny and touching story revealsf what happens when the dream of a knight in shining armour, the perfect home and family turns sour. Ruth knows what it is to struggle with internal doubts and external prejudices and offers a real look at everyday problems and the solutions to not only cope with them but to turn each into an asset to enrich life.

Our most recent collaboration is the best-selling ‘chick-lit’ book ‘Being Sarah Chilton…’. Click here to order your copy.

Her prosperity path came as a bit of an unwelcome shock taking her from single motherhood to published author and now happily singled mentor, mother and PND expert.

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