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Your passion is my business. The commercial world is full of obstacles and challenges inherent of modern business. My interest is in seeing your venture succeed and my motivation comes form of knowing I am contributing to your project – helping you to prosper from your passion. Being a creative thinker too, I understand your need for freedom of thought. I seek to articulate those ideas and look after your best interests; taking care of the commercial realities, be it event organisers or, publishers so that you have the time and head-space to get on with what you do best, even if it means helping you to get your ideas on paper in the first place. As you manifest your personal and professional goals, Solarus works with you to support and inspire you along your path. Click on Prospering From Passion and see how I have done this for others already.

Let me help you with:

  • Books and written materials; copy writing, ghost writing, editorial, publishing, marketing
  • Social media and website content, development and management
  • Concept and content for promotional activities; live events, radio and print campaigns

Business can be done differently; with integrity and trust.

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All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved