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Solarus was created in the belief that prosperity should be open to all who follow their passion. My name is Kate Osborne and in founding Solarus I took a leap of faith by leaving my 9-5 job as an international magazine editor to work with individuals whose ideas inspire me. In return I am able to help people manifest their desires.

I realised, using my years in media advertising, publishing and drawing on experiences in the chemical industry, electronics industry and for both government and international organisations, that my passion is to help individuals spread their word. I make no excuses for my ‘broad shoulders’ and ‘big lungs’ now that I can use them with greater discernment and integrity to be the mouthpiece and pen for those who are more reserved.

If your passion involves advancing free thinking, reawakening ancient wisdoms, unlocking our human potential or providing a platform for intelligent discussion relating to our experience of life, then perhaps I can help turn that into a tangible reality; be it as a published article, an award winning book, a successful website or headlining inspiring events. Enjoy the site and feel free to get in touch.

Kate Osborne

When people listen to their hearts and realise their passion, we all prosper – physically and emotionally, creating a world where the ultimate rewards eclipse any financial gain.
Kate Osborne

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All Rights Reserved