The Goddess Resolution

The Goddess Resolution is an inspiring book that introduces you to Eingana, Lilith, Pandora, Sedna, Hekate, Oya, and nearly a dozen other incredible goddesses whose stories will empower you in a myriad of ways. Each deity’s tale is a manifestation of emotional energy, encouraging you to navigate the path of self-discovery, develop your personal power, and find emotional wellbeing. Kate Osborne shares affirmations, meditations, ceremonies, mirror and labyrinth work, and more. All of this designed to help you engage with the goddesses’ mythology and your own creative energy within. Come to terms with and then free yourself from emotional bondage with the story of Hine-nui-te-pō, seek redemption with Skadi’s tale, and nurture your creations with Gaia. You’ll also use rituals, mantras, and exercises to heal and express yourself. Whenever life throws a curveball, these goddesses’ stories will uplift and strengthen you.

This book contains:

  • A myriad of Goddesses from around the world whose stories demonstrate our emotional expressions as women, our experiences and the ways in which we can choose to manifest our responses
  • 30 Exercises to restore balance harmony, clarity and connection with the Goddess energy within

By Kate Osborne, Book Extent: 311, ISBN: Llewellyn Publications

All Rights Reserved

All Rights Reserved