Wayne Kealohi Powell & Patricia Lynn Miller – Shamanic Bodywork

Wayne Kealohi Powell & Patricia Lynn Miller - Shamanic Bodywork

Our emotional and physical health determines how we expereince life. And for many ‘the drugs don’t work’ anymore. Wayne and Patti have been holding sacred space for thousands of people to experience and teach the ancient healing practice of lomolomi massageĀ  throughout the globe, including Hawaii, Australia, England, America and Canada. Combined with their talent for songwriting and performing, what they deliver and share as practitioners is a all-encompassing healing modality that envolopes all the senses and feeds both the physical body and the spiritual essence of each person who studies with them.

Our first collaboration, ‘Hawaiian Shamanistic Healing‘ (Llewellyn Worldwide), is due out April 2018.

Their paths to prosperity has taken them each through many testing challenges; relationships, religion, and through the maze of the complimentary health scene and earth-centred healing practices. All this helped Wayne in particular come to understand his own spiritual, emotional and physical well-being in order to share all he has gleened, about the human body and soul, with others.


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All Rights Reserved