Will The Real ‘Lightworkers’ Please Stand Up

Will The Real 'Lightworkers' Please Stand Up
As I wander once more through the vast, brightly lit hall, awash with colour, sound and the occasional waft of incense, my quest to find the ‘next big thing’ or the new ‘lightworkers’ in the spiritual realm seems as likely as my stumbling over the Ark of the Covenant itself. Perhaps I have ‘enlightenment fatigue’ after years spent in the thick of it, maybe I can’t see the magical wood for the commercially grown trees… or perhaps I am actually looking in the wrong place. How many ways can we really be sold, what is in truth, a simple message?

You may think it odd that I take this stance in an esoteric publication, but if we really take our own ‘growth’ seriously, then the first place we should be looking is within. No human on this planet can change that fact. There are no special prayer mats that allow you exclusive access to angels or guides, no single building, institution or belief that has a monopoly on the great energy from which we are all created. If people truly believed they were superhuman, divine, or have special gifts to find places that all the other mere mortals could never hope to reach, then they wouldn’t be here in the first place!


Are people becoming blinded by their own desire for ‘illumination’ to the point of being lead to believe they can only ‘buy’ their way into bliss? Simple acts of courage, compassion, kindness and generosity of time are just as powerful as a reiki attunement, a crystal healing or dowsing ourselves in a waterfall of essences and sprays. Already this industry is feeling the ‘pinch’, but I would go as far as to say as it is more a case of weeding out the less authentic people from the real lightworkers than a case of feeling the effects of the current economic downturn. Life is about quality, not quantity, and it is no different for those who profess to teach and facilitate enlightenment. Perhaps as many as 80 in every 100 mind, body and spirit professionals will not honestly be able to rise up when the real beacons of light are called upon.


People need to earn money, have their palms crossed with silver as it were; I don’t begrudge anyone making an honest living, but I ask, please make it honestly, don’t pretend to know more than you do, or worse still, make it up as you go along. You can only fool some of the people some of the time… We are all ‘angel experts’, for we can when looking with our hearts, recognise the purity of humanity in others when it shines through. When someone pays you a compliment, a child smiles, when firemen rush into a burning building when you are told you are loved… the energy of ‘angels’ or whatever you want to call it, works through us and will use vessels that mean something to each and every one of us to get the point across. Now you may be an avid fan of the angelic realm, own a few books, have attended a few courses, and that’s fine if it has given you what you have sought. But if after all this investment, both financial and energetic, you still feel you need more, then stop and ask yourself why.


For some time, it has been a case of ‘he who shouts loudest’ getting heard or drawing some of the most vulnerable people to them. They may not be the best teacher, though. So to anyone walking their path, please continue to seek help, advice and understanding, but exercise discernment, ask questions of your prospective guide. And remember your guides will come in many different forms; a friend, a neighbour, a stranger in the park, a shopkeeper, the dustbin man, a nurse, your son, your daughter, your grandmother, your partner, an elder, a therapist, a musician, anyone we come in to contact with has the potential to share with us something amazing.


And if your questions are met with resistance, consider why. A good teacher will gladly share what they know and say just as easily if they don’t. As a pupil, you have the opportunity to teach those who wish to guide you. If your questions are met with, ‘because my guides say so’, or ‘I know better’, make a gracious exit. And never be afraid to ask how someone came to teach or share what they now know, why they choose to do it in the way they do and so on… A good teacher will delight in being able to express this to you; a good teacher only wishes for you to grow to get to a point where you no longer need them, not the other way around… be aware that true enlightenment is our destiny, not an addiction to be groomed and fed.


And I say all this in defence of the simple yet incredible wisdoms that are now coming more and more to the fore, and in defence of the authentic, passionate and generous souls who facilitate this, in whatever guise they choose to get the message out there. Some years ago, I came into the mind, body, spirit ‘business’ naively thinking,’ love and light’ from all to all, but was reminded quite quickly that as emotional beings, we all have our failings. So I uncovered just as many ‘big egos’, power and control misers as I had seen in the advertising, pharmaceutical and political realms that I had previously frequented. But this has made me even more determined to keep walking the path, which now crosses all areas of understanding, be it spiritual, religious, political, environmental, scientific or emotional, and it has given me amazing opportunities to speak with some wonderful and knowledgeable people. They are out there, and they are approachable.


I know we are all different; some are better placed to teach and some better ready to learn. But if you are reading this publication, you have already set out your stall to want to understand more, and it is to you that I advise you to rejoice in your hunger for experience, your love of life, and your desire for greater understanding. So soak it all in, but just be aware of the pools of water in which you dip your sponge… see beyond the fancy literature, the flowing gowns, the intoxicating accents and take a good, long look into the heart and soul of the person and you will know if they are ready for you!


There will always be those who are happy to ‘follow’, to live their lives according to others, but I’m not speaking to those people today. I hope that if you are curious enough to question your life; why you are here, and what is out there for you, for you to experience all you can, then to you I say, ’Stand up and be counted as one who wishes to know, not as one who needs to be told.’ Wherever you are in your life, whether you are giving out information or receiving it, I wish you all that you need and may find your truth, getting the answers and the inner peace that we all seek from the very moment we are ‘conceived’. First published in More To Life 2010


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All Rights Reserved